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Max Has Found a Home!

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Name: Max Age: About 3-4 years old

Weight: 40 lbs Temperament: Friendly with people and female dogs. May not do well with other male dogs. History: Max was abandoned on the streets of Keelung, Taiwan. Although the people of Keelung are friendly, he would occasionally be chased away or mistreated by the few who feared or disliked dogs. However, one resident who made a larger impact on Max's life on the streets was another larger male stray dog in the area that would sometimes attack him, causing Max to be fearful whenever the larger dog was around. Fortunately, Max had a friend in a local lady who would bring him food daily. One day, upon witnessing Max running from the larger dog, his caregiver decided to begin sneaking him to her home so that he can eat without fear of being chased away. Unfortunately, she could not keep him as her husband did not want a pet. So, she would bring him back to the park after he had his fill of food each day. Indeed, the inevitable happened and Max was injured by a vicious attack by the larger dog. His caregiver took him to the veterinarian for treatment, and allowed him to recover at her home during the day; still having to return to the park at night.

He has since recovered fully, and is healthy. He has found a temporary home with our partner rescue, and is now in search of a permanent, and loving home.

Max is well-behaved. He is friendly, walks well on-leash, and is not aggressive around food.

If you would like to be that loving home to Max, please contact us, or our local partners at The Ranch Rescue Team by sending an email to

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