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Our Adoption Process​

  • Submission of application to adopt.

  • Application is then reviewed for primary/conditional approval.

  • After review and approval, you will be contacted by us for an interview and to answer questions that you may have.

  • Following our conversation, a home check will be conducted to ensure that the pet will be placed in a safe and secure environment.  

  • Upon the satisfactory completion of the home check, we will arrange for you to meet and greet the pet.  We encourage spouses, children, and other pets, if any, to attend the meet and greet so that all involved have the opportunity to interact with the potentially new family member.  (Note:  Because our organization relies on volunteer foster families to care for our pets, we do not arrange meet and greets until applications are processed as mentioned above.)

  • After meeting the pet, a final decision will be made by the adoptive family as well as our representative(s) on whether or not to move forward with the adoption.

  • If it is agreed that the adoption should proceed, you will be presented with an adoption agreement to read and sign, and the adoption fee is paid to finalize the adoption. 

Our Fee Policy

We do not have a fixed fee for all adoptions.  The factors that we consider when setting our fees include the age, health, and adoptability of the pet.  ​

We try to keep our fees at a reasonable level for most of our pets, but higher fees may be appropriate in certain cases.

We are 100% volunteer-based, and donation reliant,  As such, the welfare of the pets under our care is largely dependent upon the fees collected through adoptions.  It is not uncommon that the cost of care exceeds the adoption fee collected for the pet.  This is further exacerbated by rising vet costs.


In appropriate instances, higher adoption fees are charged for certain pets to help cover the higher medical and welfare costs of other dogs.  Higher fees also help to discourage dog flipping by opportunistic individuals looking to turn a quick profit.

Our fee policy allows us to continue providing the care that many of our dogs require.

Our Goal is to find pets that come into our care homes that they will stay in for the rest of their lives.   Our policies help to ensure that each adoption provides a mutually beneficial relationship between the adoptive family and the pet for many happy years.

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