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Gentle Jessica Has Been Adopted!

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Name: Jessica

Age: 4 1/2 years

Weight: 45 lbs

Temperament: Good with adults, children, other dogs, and cats. History: Jessica had been homeless in the mountains of Taiwan for quite some time. While she lived on the streets, she wasn't aggressive to people; did not get into fights with other dogs; nor did she have a habit of chasing passing motorists. She spent her days peacefully; patiently awaiting her caregiver, a generous local resident who was not able to adopt her herself, to bring her a daily meal.

Recently, when her caregiver began noticing that Jessica had a rapidly developing tumor, she asked for help and sought to raise funds for Jessica's medical care. Fortunately, she found the help that was needed at our partner rescue. The tumor has since been removed, and determined to have been benign. After almost four months of care and rehabilitation, Jessica has recovered and is back to health. All tests results have returned completely normal. Her caregiver did not want her to be returned to the streets after medical treatment, so it was decided that she be allowed to find a new home. Jessica is well-behaved, walks well on-leash, and isn't aggressive around food.

This gentle girl is now looking for a home to love. Is it yours? If you would like to provide a home for Jessica, please contact us or send your inquires to our partners at The Ranch Rescue Team.

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