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1000 Orphans was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in an effort address the problem of homeless dogs locally, and to raise badly needed funds for struggling animal rescues internationally.   Although improving in some places, education and policies that address the issue of stray and abandoned dogs remains lacking in most parts of the world. 

1000 Orphans works with local and international rescues to find homes for stray and abandoned animals.  All dogs are vetted for health and temperament  for suitability of adoption before being transported from their originating country.

As we embark upon our quest for the improvement in the conditions, care, and control of abandoned animals, we have identified a few organizations that have made efforts and taken action in places in desperate need for change. 

As we expand our efforts and grow as an organization, we aim to make a larger impact by cooperating with these and other organizations that are leading the charge  in this cause.


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